Auf der Seil

Seilerstätte 18–20 | 1st
+43 650 590 12 69
Mon–Fri: 11am–6.30pm
Sat: 11am-5pm

Fotocredit: Häusler

Auf der Seil presents unusual and difficult-to-find items, easily bringing together fine textile goods – such as one-offs made from vintage Japanese kimonos and brilliant silk velvet pillows
– and fine porcelain and glassware. The unifying elements of this fascinating mixture of fashion, accessories, and handmade items are their fine design, artisanship, and inspirational vivid colours.
The selection is drawn from only
the finest European producers.




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Jutta Pregenzer, PREGENZER, 1040 Vienna

‘GUIDED is for all the tourists who come to Vienna, but also for the Viennese who are looking for shops outside the mainstream. With GUIDED they are quickly and easily found. GUIDED is available at no charge in hotels, shops, and from other select partners, such as design fairs, which makes it especially appealing, because you can just take it with you and enjoy the varied array of fine shops – sweets, fashion, design – or other outstanding places. GUIDED is for all those who love to explore a city.’