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Franke Leuchten

1070 Wien | Westbahnstraße 5
+43 1 319 7202 0

Roxxane Fly Anywhere
This is the beginning of something completely new. Something that will change our relationship to light, something that will bring light and people closer together.
Roxxane Fly, is extremely versatile. Its compact size and low weight make it a master of manoeuvrability and your constant companion. Powerful integrated magnets on the bottom even hold it upside-down or keep it in place on vertical metal surfaces. SMD LEDs in maximum of 400 lumens can be operated and dimmed intuitively by its touchless gesture control system. Operating time are 4 to 20 hours (depending on the brightness) A micro-USB-port for convenient charging via PC or USB can be ordered. Five different versions in black, white, blue, red and neon yellow transform the Roxxane Fly family into a gloriously colourful swarm of butterflies.
Catch me if you can …

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Conny Fritzsche, Fessler Kamine, 1040 Vienna

‘... small, highly unusual, a good reference for discovering new, out-of-the-ordinary shops ... Tina Haslinger has a good nose for finding the small, special, select shops for her GUIDED, ... belongs in every modern household as a reference, ... I love it. Something like this has been missing from our world of information ... fantastic size, looking forward to the next GUIDED.’