Tuchlauben 18 | 1st
Mon–Sat: 11am–6pm

Schulerstraße 16 | 1st
Mon–Fri: 11am–6pm
Sat: 11am–5pm

The OSKA und ISCHIKO collections = comfortable fashion made in Europe. Top-quality fabrics are carefully chosen to create a simple but unmistakeable look. The collections feature comfort- able, exible ts that let you move freely. This is a style that highlights the personality of the wearer, a style that is casual and elegant at the same time. Both stores focus on the customer’s needs, o ering individual attention and advice.

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Gabi Budweiser

I’ve been meaning to tell you for a long time now how great business has been thanks to your city guide.

So many more tourists than before come by just to have a look at the shop or because they want an umbrella or a pair of gloves to take back with them from Vienna. Today a woman was having trouble making up her mind, and while she was deciding, her husband found three pairs of Burlington socks to buy.

When I asked her if she might like a copy of the Vienna city guide, she smiled , saying: ‘We already have one. That’s how we found your shop!’ ;))

I really regret having missed out on being part of the 18/19 edition [of GUIDED]. So as soon as it’s possible to come on board again with you, PLEASE, PLEASE call me!!! Kind regards from Neubaugasse.

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