Cha-rak-ter Couture

Belvederegasse 35/3–4 | 4th
+43 676 814 28 32 49
Tue–Fri: 10am–6.30pm
Sat: 11am–3pm

Cha·rak·ter couture is more than an atelier for designer and bespoke clothing. In the store fashion and jewellery labels are paired with distinctive items from around the globe.

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Pamela Iyer, Dublin

‘I recently spent a weekend in Vienna and was delighted to pick up a copy of your City Guide for Fashion & Design which I found really useful as I am from London/Dublin. I did not have much time in Vienna so I loved your recommendations as I always try to find local designers when I travel. I enjoyed your colour coding different parts of the city and your support of local designers.
Best wishes and I am already looking forward to your next edition and my next trip to Vienna.’

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