Neubaugasse 36 | 1st floor | 7th
+43 699 190 038 95
Mon–Fri: 10am–7pm
Sat: 10am–6pm


WE BANDITS – Korean + Scandinavian Fashion. We carry more than 95 designer collections from South Korea and Scandinavia. Located in the heart of the 7th district, where many other indie shops have found a home, ours is above VIU Eyewear, on the 1st floor. At WE BANDITS you’ll not only find distinctive one-of-a-kinds timeless classics but also the latest trends. Good customer service is a priority for us, and we look forward to helping you find your new favourites!

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Heide Stadler-Wolffersgruen, LE SHOP, 1070 Vienna

‘GUIDED has worked brilliantly for Le Shop. As soon as it appeared, I immediately had more customers, especially tourists, who otherwise would certainly not have found me. The English text is a real plus for tourists, and having the guide available at the tourist info offices and hotels has clearly been advantageous for me. Without a doubt GUIDED has been the most effective marketing strategy I've ever used.’

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