Atelier Lindengasse

Lindengasse 5 | 7th
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Guided * atelier lindengasse
photo © space Unseen

In the showroom of this shared atelier, handmade jewellery is exhibited right next to the workbenches. Goldsmith Katharina Schmid and jewellery designer Katie Gruber, with her label Katie g. Jewellery, share their passion for unique design and refined craftsmanship. Fine, purist forms meet raw, organic jewellery in gold and silver. If you are after a very personal piece far from the mainstream, look no further.

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Birgit Telsnig, Senses – Sinne des Wohnens, 1090 Vienna

‘Far removed from mainstream shopping, Tina Haslinger, with her GUIDED Vienna, has created a very special shop guide. One suddenly becomes an explorer, discovering streets and shops one has never visited before despite having lived here for ages. Nicely laid out according to districts and described with relevant comments, here one encounters shops that make Vienna an exceptional city. We (Senses – Sinne des Wohnens) are pleased to be part of this shop guide and to be discovered again and again.’

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