FREITAG Store Wien

Neubaug. 26 | 7th
+43 1 523 31 36
Mon–Fri: 10am–7pm
Sat: 10am–5pm


© Oliver Nanzig

FREITAG has been giving used truck tarpaulins a second life as functional bags and accessories since 1993. This Zurich manufacturer thinks and acts in cycles as it supplies urban individualists throughout the world. From the first messenger bag, F13 TOP CAT, has emerged a line of over 80 models for all your carrying needs – from smartphone and laptop covers to backpacks, shopping bags, handbags, and travel bags.

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Pamela Iyer, Dublin

‘I recently spent a weekend in Vienna and was delighted to pick up a copy of your City Guide for Fashion & Design which I found really useful as I am from London/Dublin. I did not have much time in Vienna so I loved your recommendations as I always try to find local designers when I travel. I enjoyed your colour coding different parts of the city and your support of local designers.
Best wishes and I am already looking forward to your next edition and my next trip to Vienna.’

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