SchmuckStück by SABHA

Siebensterngasse 41 | 7th
+43 1 522 42 26
Mon-Fri: 12n–7pm
Sat: 11pm–6pm


The jewellery designer and goldsmith Sabina Ebner uses her art to build an imaginary bridge to the Far East – how she characterizes her trendy pieces with their Asia-inspired details and pairing of lustre with thoughtfulness, simplicity with colour. Thanks to a close collaboration with partners in India, Sabina Ebner is able to o er jewellery at all price levels. Her philosophy: A woman should be able to express herself through the jewellery she wears.

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Conny Fritzsche, Fessler Kamine, 1040 Vienna

‘... small, highly unusual, a good reference for discovering new, out-of-the-ordinary shops ... Tina Haslinger has a good nose for finding the small, special, select shops for her GUIDED, ... belongs in every modern household as a reference, ... I love it. Something like this has been missing from our world of information ... fantastic size, looking forward to the next GUIDED.’

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