Sylvie T.

French Fashion for Women
Zollergasse 28 | 7th
+43 1 522 23 79
Tue–Fri: 11.30am–6.30pm
Sat: 11am–5pm

‘Casual, Elegant, French!’
At Sylvie T. the exclusive separates, with their fine fabrics and well-proportioned styles, radiate French chic through and through. Sylvie Trenous is the creator of these versatile, mix- and-match pieces. ‘The woman who wears my designs should feel light and cheery and serious at the same time, for fashion is both a game and a philosophy and is never meaningless.
Sylvie T. – an exquisite boutique for women!

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Susanne Kapeller, Vienna Tourist Board

‘GUIDED is well laid out; the shops presented are real insider tips. I especially think the combination in the last edition [of shops] with recommendations for eating out is a great idea. Visually and in terms of content GUIDED is very appealing.’

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